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Get District Registration Lists

A new tool has been released to allow authorized people to get the district registration lists. The list will only contain the names of the registrants who authorized the release of their name and contact information when they registered, and will be sent by email in CSV format (readable in Excel).

The list can be requested by the District Governor, and the Atlanta District Promotion Chair for the corresponding districts.

APCs, ARPCs, and ExecTEAM can also request the lists for the districts they are in charge of.

Request a District Registration List

Bright Ideas Corner

Check this section to get some ideas from what other people are doing in their area.

Registration Contest Information
on the RI Website

Registration Contest Flyer (455 KB)

Flyer Sample from District 5230 (282 KB)
Submitted by Bob Eurich

Sample PowerPoint for Club Presentation (5546 KB)
Submitted by Mike Colasurdo

Sample PowerPoint for District Presentation (7616 KB)
Submitted by Mike Colasurdo

Sample of the Chart sent by APC Jose Alfredo Sepulveda for Zone 21A. Click on the picture to see it bigger.

Newsletter Samples


Zone 28-29 Newsletter (1759 KB)


Zone 28-29 Newsletter (1892 KB)


Zone 28-29 Newsletter (1825 KB)
March 2017


Zone 28-29 Newsletter (2083 KB)
February 2017


Zone 28-29 Newsletter (1990 KB)
January 2017


Zones 28-29 Newsletter (2364 KB)
December 2016


Zones 28-29 Newsletter (1633 KB)
November 2016


Zones 28-29 Newsletter (1545 KB)
October 2016


District 3830 Newsletter - Issue 2 (2291 KB)


District 3830 Newsletter - Issue 1 (1975 KB)

Registration Contest

Check out the registration contest to get special recognition to the districts with the highest registration by percentage of district membership from each zone. Three categories. Win reserved seating and onstage recognition. Contest ends April 30, 2017. See flyer for all the details.

 Registration Contest Flyer

Zones Information

List of Unofficial Affiliated Events
from the RI Website

Zones 21b-27 Dinner Flyer (1166 KB)
Sunday June 11, 6-10 pm, Park Tavern

Zones 25-26 Breakfast Flyer (186 KB)
Monday June 12, 8-9:30 am, Georgia Aquarium

Zones 28-29 Party Flyer (613 KB)
Sunday June 11, 7-10 pm, World of Coca-Cola

Zone 28-29 Convention Contest (528 KB)

Zone 24 Convention Contest (114 KB)


Atlanta Logo with Color Chart (825 KB)

Logo in Various Formats (11087 KB)
Includes PNG, EPS, Illustrator, with various color sets.

Logo in PNG Format (97 KB)

HOC Documents

HOC PowerPoint Presentation (23889 KB)
This presentation is without the videos

HOC Welcome Video
In mp4 format - 150MB - Right-click on the link and use "Save target as..." to save the video on your computer.

HOC Brochure (617 KB)

HOC Cover Photo (316 KB)

Atlanta Convention Promotional Videos

Find below a list of the 2017 Convention Promotion videos in multiple languages, now available on VIMEO to be downloaded or accessed.

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